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Today we are thankful for all of you! Our supporters, our fosters, our volunteers, our vet, and our adopters ❤ Because of your amazing support this year we were able to rescue and help the most sick and at risk cats in the city of San Bernardino. Here are SOME (this in only a fraction) of the special rescue kitties who made exceptional recoveries since last Thanksgiving 💕 We are looking forward to the future and we know that one day our dream to have a cat ranch/sanctuary will become a reality. For now, we are grateful for what we have and for the lives we have saved together. Please consider supporting our life saving efforts by becoming a monthly donor via Paypal or Patreon. Together we will continue to make a difference! Happy Thanksgiving! #rescuedcat #cats #savinganimals
Thalia is out of the shelter and home with us ❤️ They accommodated an after hours release and we couldn't be more grateful. Poor girl is worse than we originally expected. She has a terrible Upper Respiratory Infection and multiple injuries to her face. We are going to list a few things we saw on first assessment. -her entire coat is covered in something thick, which has made all of her furr stiff and stuck together -her eyes we sealed shut from infection and whatever substance is on her coat -her nasal passages we completely blocked -she had a large build up of puss and drool caked all around her mouth -large wound to her face -eartip which is odd because we were told her kittens died. We checked her nipples and she has definitely had kittens nursing on her(no milk present). We are going to have our vet check if she is spayed, if she is spayed the kittens that she was caring for were not hers. She has already been to the shelter vet where she received antibiotics. She will be continuing treatment with us tonight and then go to see our vet tomorrow morning. The first thing we needed to do for her when we got her home was clear her airways so she could breath. We also cleaned her eyes so she could open them up and see us. Then we cleaned her chin which had more than an inch of cakes on goo. She then received antibiotic eye drops and nose drops. We got her set up in the incubator to moderate her temperature, and gave her subq fluids to aid in her rehydration. After all of that she started to perk up and even tried to attack me (which is a good sign). We will be getting her a full health check up, bloodwork, snap testing, URD panel (to find out what sort of upper respiratory disease she has), mouth check up (looks very swollen and painful), wound cleaning, medical bath (to clean the weird substance off her coat), and most likely further meds. Right now she is stable but we aren't sure if she has any underlying conditions that could allow an Upper Respiratory Infection to affect her so terribly. We will have a full update tomorrow after she visits our vet. Please consider donating to her care by visiting the link in our bio
New Rescue Alert! We were contacted by a USPS driver who spotted a kitty laying on the side of the road. He was stationary and not moving upon approach. After asking around the driver found out that he had been out there for 4 days 💔 We searched for him for a couple minutes and eventually found him hiding out under a tree branch. He gave us a little hiss but let us pick him up without much fuss. He is definitely in pain and has issues with the back half of his body. We believe, based on where he was that found, that he has more than likely been hit by a car. He is currently at the vet. We have named him Chester. Stayed tuned for updates. #savinglives #cats #savinganimals #catrescue
Update on our beautiful girl Thalia ❤️ Her little nose is almost completely cleared up, and her fur is growing back on the burn mark/bb pellets wound to the forehead. She is learning how to trust and love. She falls asleep laying on me and can't wait to snuggle by the fire. Now that she trusts us more we were able to investigate why is squints. She has had prescription eyedrops since the day we unsealed her eyes, but the squinting has remained a constant. We were able to look at the very corners and inner lids of her eyes and found a lot of damage. Our belief is whatever sealed her eyes shut damaged her eyes. She will be going to the eye specialist to make sure they are healthy and assess if the clouding or damage could spread. Please consider donating to Thalias care. She will be going to the eye specialist and still need surgery to remove the BB pellets that are embedded in her body ❤️ We will continue to keep everyone posted on her progress.
Pancho is currently at the vet getting his entropian surgery🤗 Big boy has been waiting patiently to feel all better. Can you imagine how uncomfortable he's been feeling and for for how long? Glad he will finally feel relieved. We will keep everyone posted on his recovery. Thank you everyone who supports our life savings efforts, without you, none of this would be possible.
We got a devastating update about Thalia. We got x-rays done to try and see if she was indeed spayed and found out that she had been shot at least three times. There are three bb pellets emedded in her body 💔 We had suspected she may have been abused after finding the sticky substance on her coat but now it is confirmed. Unfortunately that isn't the worst news that we heard today. While running the extensive amount of exams, it was found that she has panleuk. Panleukopenia is a highly fatal highly contagious disease in cats. Mortality rate can be as high as 90% in unvaccinated cats. There is a slight chance that she had a false positive test as she was recently vaccinated at the shelter. We will be trying to get a 100% diagnosis soon. We do know she is suffering from a terrible Upper Respiratory and at this time her prognosis is grim. She is going to remain hospitalized in hopes that she can survive. We will keep everyone updated as we learn more.
Raven Update! When we reacued Raven in april he was very sick, skinny, and covered in mange. We managed to get him healthy, at which point he started to get spicy. He had an ear tip and was obviously a feral boy. We have been working on his demeanor over the past 6 months, and he has come such a long way ❤️ Now he is big, beautiful, fluffy, and handsome 😍 He is starting to become affection and even yells when he doesn't think we're paying enough attention to him 😅 Raven is officially available for adoption. To adopt this beautiful boy, please fill out an adoption application. Link is in our bio @catsofsanbernardino
Thalia Update! We know everyone has been worried about our girl. Our girl did well at the vet today. She's eating, drinking, and doesn't have diarrhea or vomiting. If all stays the same she will be coming home tomorrow 🤞 We will also have her PCR results tomorrow which will let us know if she does indeed have panleukopenia. We also found out that she missing some of her nails and have no idea how that happened 💔. We will do a full update and list all of her injuries once we have her home. Thank you to everyone who has donated to her care allowing her to get the best treatment possible ❤️ Without your support we wouldn't be able to rescue sick kitties like Thalia.
We got a very heart warming update ❤️ Our beautiful girl is eating. We were told when we picked her up from the shelter yesterday that she wasn't eating. She didn't eat when we got her home or overnight... BUT she is eating now 🥺 Usually when Panleukopenia is winning, the kitties won't eat. We are in no way out of the woods.. but we did want to share this positive progress. We will be anxiously waiting until our next update tomorrow 🤞🙏 Thank you to everyone who has donated to Thalia's care. None of this would ever be possible without you and for that we are grateful!
Thalia Update! Great news Thalia does NOT have panleukopenia 🙌 She still has a lot going on. She was diagnosed with Bordella which we will be treating over the next three weeks, she also has elevated pancreas levels, and more bb pellets were found after additional x-rays. She still needs a lot of medication and supplements but overall she is doing good. She was constipated BUT she was able to poop today 🙌 She is also eating and drinking on her own. A list of what we know so far: -positive for bordatella -pancreas levels out of wack -shot with multiple bbs -completely covered in sticky liquid that burnt her face and completely sealed her eyes and nose shut -ear cut off -nails ripped out This girl is so strong and determined to get better. She wouldn't have made it through all of the abuse she faced without being such a fighter. We love her so much. We want to thank everyone who donated to her care allowing her to get the best treatment possible. We want to thank our Vet and staff at Arrowview Animal Hospital for everything they did for Thalia ♥️ You guys are the best! We will continue to keep everyone updated on her progress.
Jupiter Update! Big boy is doing so well and healing up so nicely ❤️ Our big boy was neutered yesterday, his neck wound is completely healed, and he's gaining lots of good healthy weight. We are so proud of this big beautiful boy. Jupiter has some big, happy, news coming soon ❤️
Big Adoption News! Jupiter and Pancho have both been pre-adopted! Jupiter is going to be heading all the way to Toronto, Canada with his new Mom and Dad @mirandaanthistletv @colin_mac__ I told him not to worry, the people in Canada are super nice, and that both his foster Mom Gizmo (our chihuahua) and I are Canadian ❤️ 🇨🇦 Pancho has also been pre-adopted and will be going down to San Diego after his entropian surgery 🤗 His mom, brandy, is extremely excited to get him home. We are so happy for these two boys. Both abandoned on the streets of San Bernardino heading to their happily ever afters 🛩 Can't enough, WE HAVE THE BEST ADOPTERS!!! #adoptdontshop
Chester Update! Chesty went to the vet and got all sorts of good news. He doesn't have any broken bones and is generally very healthy. He wasn't neutered or microchipped so he had those procedures done as well. Unfortunately, we did find out that our big boys' paw pads had been completely burned off on all four feet 💔The most likely explanation for this is that he was sleeping in a car engine and it turned on, heated up, and burnt him. Fortunately, the feet will heal up in a month or so with treatment. We did get a bit more news about his previous life. It seems Chester was another case of abandonment. We were told that he was left behind, along with peacocks and other pets when their owner moved away. We have asked for more details about the other pets left behind in case anyone else needs help. Chester is the absolute sweetest boy 😍 He likes tummy tickles, headbutts, kisses, and snuggles. #savinganimals #cats #rescuedcat